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VIUM Capital meeting in office, financial
VIUM Capital meeting in office, financial

Committed to the sector, as evidenced by leading loan volume during the COVID pandemic.

VIUM brings efficient loan evaluation, processing, and certainty of execution, enabling its clients to seamlessly refinance or recapitalize their properties.

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Refinancing and recapitalization are key financial strategies for property owners looking to unlock the potential of their existing assets or navigate changing market conditions. VIUM's dedication to refinancing and recapitalization is centered on the belief that clients should have access to efficient and straightforward financing options. We bring an array of benefits to the table, including an accelerated loan evaluation and processing timeline. This not only saves clients valuable time but also allows them to quickly capitalize on favorable market conditions.

One of VIUM's most significant strengths is its ability to provide certainty of execution. Clients can rely on us to deliver on their financing commitments, ensuring that the refinancing or recapitalization process proceeds without unnecessary delays or uncertainties. VIUM's expertise and experience in the industry makes us a trusted partner for those seeking to optimize their property investments, and therefore care for their residents.

VIUM's approach to refinancing and recapitalization is characterized by efficiency, simplicity, and a commitment to client success. Our dedication to efficient loan solutions makes us a preferred choice for property owners and investors seeking to optimize the performance of their seniors housing and healthcare real estate portfolios through strategic refinancing and recapitalization.

VIUM Capital meeting in office, financial
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We genuinely appreciated VIUM’s solution-oriented approach to meeting our financing needs.

Craig A. Wright

Senior Living Properties

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