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Clients are able to execute on financing solutions with efficiency, ease and confidence.

VIUM’s in-house banking partnership allows clients to readily access bridge capital and permanent capital solutions in the seniors housing and healthcare sectors. We’re not a broker; we’re the lender.

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VIUM provides direct lending, offering clients the opportunity to execute financing solutions with remarkable efficiency, ease, and confidence. VIUM's unique advantage lies in its in-house banking partnership with Merchants Bancorp (a minority owner of VIUM), creating a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the majority of capital providers in the healthcare lending space.

The in-house banking partnership provides clients with direct access to bridge capital and permanent capital solutions in the seniors housing and healthcare sectors. This direct approach eliminates the need for time-consuming negotiations and unnecessary intermediaries, allowing clients to expedite the financing process. This results in quicker access to the capital needed to support their ventures, whether for acquisitions, recapitalizations, or other strategic initiatives.

The distinction between VIUM and conventional brokers is clear: VIUM is not a broker; we’re a lender. This means clients have the advantage of dealing directly with the source of their financing, offering them greater control, transparency, and the confidence that they can rely on VIUM to close their financing. Our commitment to efficiency and ease in the lending process makes us an indispensable partner for clients seeking timely and cost-effective financing solutions in the seniors housing and healthcare sectors.

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We look forward to working with them ... given the certainty of execution with their financing platform and hardworking deal team.


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