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Bridge Loan Solutions for Healthcare Properties

Learn how VIUM Capital offers tailored bridge loan solutions for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), providing non-recourse financing to sustain operations and facilitate growth.

At VIUM Capital, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), especially when it comes to securing timely financing. In this article, we'll explore how VIUM Capital's tailored bridge loan solutions empower SNFs to bridge the gap between their immediate financing needs and securing permanent HUD Loans

Providing HUD Solutions 

Navigating the intricacies of securing HUD financing for SNFs can be a lengthy and nuanced process. From completing specific HUD forms to meeting varied eligibility criteria, SNF owners can find themselves in a challenged financing position as they pursue approval for a HUD insured loan. However, the pressing need for low cost capital in order to continue funding daily operations at a SNF does not diminish during this bridge period. In fact, it becomes even more critical to ensure that essential services, staff salaries, and facility upkeep are not compromised. Recognizing this need, bridge loans have emerged as a practical and accessible solution for SNFs caught between funding an acquisition or recapitalization, and the actual closing of HUD permanent financing.

Though HUD is moving to become more accessible for seniors housing and healthcare properties, bridge loans serve as a financing lifeline for SNFs, providing interim funding to bridge the gap until HUD funding is secured. This interim financing allows SNFs to address immediate financial obligations, such as payroll, utilities, and supplies, without interruption. Moreover, bridge loans offer flexibility, enabling SNFs to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare financing with greater ease and confidence.

By partnering with reputable lenders like VIUM, SNF owners gain access to specialized financing solutions tailored to their unique needs. VIUM's expertise in healthcare financing and bridge lending ensures that SNFs receive personalized assistance and support throughout the loan process. VIUM facilitates a seamless transition between closing the acquisition or recapitalization and securing HUD permanent funding by providing the essential capital needed to adequately sustain operations through the term of the bridge loan.

Healthcare Expertise

Specializing in senior living and healthcare, our team of industry experts is dedicated to delivering tailored financial solutions for a range of providers, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, memory care communities, independent living providers, and hospitals. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and intricacies of the industry, we offer comprehensive financing options to support various needs, including acquisition, refinance, recapitalization, construction, and rehabilitation of seniors housing and healthcare communities.

The VIUM Difference is our commitment to serving as more than just lenders; we strive to be trusted partners who truly comprehend the complexities and nuances of your SNF operation. We’re also not a broker; we provide direct bridge and HUD permanent financing. By working with professionals who possess a profound understanding of the industry as well as the proprietary capital needed to financing healthcare and seniors housing assets, you gain a significant advantage in securing financing solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.

Our expertise allows us to navigate the regulatory landscape, anticipate industry trends, and tailor financing packages that address the evolving demands of senior housing and healthcare. Whether you're seeking bridge financing to bridge the gap during the HUD application process, or permanent solutions for long-term stability, we offer a range of options designed to meet your requirements.

Ultimately, partnering with a lender who understands the intricacies of SNF operations can streamline the financing process, minimize hurdles, and ensure that your financial strategy is aligned with your long-term objectives. With our industry experience and tailored approach to financing, we empower SNFs to thrive and continue delivering exceptional care to their residents.

A Non-Recourse Advantage

An advantage to securing HUD financing is that its non-recourse. While most bank bridge loan options require recourse, we offer both limited recourse and non-recourse bridge funding options. Such options can provide borrowers additional peace of mind by limiting their personal liability.

Non-recourse financing shields owners and operators from personal liability, safeguarding their personal assets in the event of default. The lender's recourse is solely to the collateralized property, meaning that in the worst-case scenario of default, the facility's owner retains their personal assets, mitigating the risk of further financial loss.

This protection can allow them to engage in financing transactions with greater confidence, knowing that their personal assets are not at stake. In summary, non-recourse lending serves as a valuable financial tool for skilled nursing facilities, offering a balance between access to capital and risk mitigation, ultimately supporting long-term financial health and growth objectives.

Learn more about our solutions here.

The Benefit of Direct Banking 

Direct banking with VIUM presents a compelling option for skilled nursing facilities seeking financing solutions. With a focus on healthcare financing and specialized expertise in the skilled nursing sector, VIUM offers tailored financial solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each facility. By partnering directly with VIUM Capital, skilled nursing facilities can access recourse and non-recourse lending options that provide limited personal liability and asset protection, aligning with their goals of effective risk management. VIUM Capital is not a broker, but rather a lender to SNFs, which streamlines the process between borrower and lender, thereby, creating a simpler process for all. 

The streamlined process facilitated by VIUM Capital’s dedicated team of professionals minimizes administrative burden and ensures a smooth and efficient financing experience for the facility. VIUM’s ability to provide direct bank bridge financing empowers skilled nursing facilities to access the financing they need to support their operations and achieve their long-term objectives effectively and efficiently while working to obtain HUD permanent financing.

With VIUM Capital as your financial partner, you can rest assured that your SNF operation will receive the necessary funding to sustain operations so you can provide optimal resident care and achieve long-term growth objectives while waiting for HUD permanent financing. Contact us today to learn more about our bridge loan solutions and how we can support your facility's financial needs. Let VIUM be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of healthcare financing.

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