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Underwriting is structured to meet the buyer’s specific objectives and needs.

VIUM provides debt funding solutions to enable property buyers the ability to transition existing assets as new management oversees property stabilization.

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Acquisition financing is a critical component of real estate transactions, enabling property buyers to access the capital needed to acquire and transition existing assets successfully. VIUM is at the forefront of providing innovative debt funding solutions, empowering seniors housing and healthcare property buyers to comfortably navigate this sometimes complex process. 

VIUM understands that property acquisition often involves multiple phases, from purchase to stabilization under new management. To facilitate this transition, VIUM offers tailored debt funding solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project. Our flexibility and expertise in structuring financing packages are vital for property buyers seeking to optimize their property, care for residents, and their investment.

VIUM's debt funding solutions are designed to align with a property buyer’s goals, helping ensure a smooth transition into new management. This includes offering competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and personalized consultation to tailor financing to the specific property's stabilization goals. 

By offering this comprehensive approach, VIUM supports property buyers in maintaining and enhancing the value of their acquired assets, ultimately contributing to the enhanced care to residents and long-term success of the property. Our commitment to delivering financial solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of the real estate market makes VIUM a trusted partner in the realm of acquisition financing. Whether you are acquiring a skilled nursing facility or assisted living property, VIUM's debt funding solutions provide the means to navigate the transaction with confidence and success.

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They assisted us in overcoming hurdles during the acquisition and hit our closing deadlines...


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