August 3, 2021

Fledgling firm manages to close over $750 million in deal volume during first year.

In April, VIUM Capital celebrated its one-year anniversery, no small feat considering the firm was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Led by industry veterans Kass Matt and Steve Kennedy, formerly of Lancaster Pollard, VIUM Capital provides financing to the seniors housing and healthcare sector.

July 9, 2021

National Center for Assisted Living’s (NCAL) Executive Director Scott Tittle announced that he will be leaving NCAL this summer and joining VIUM Capital. Tittle will be a Managing Director and serve as the firm’s Head of Government Relations and External Affairs. VIUM, a national lender serving the seniors housing and healthcare space, launched just over a year ago. The company provides bank-bridge capital and permanent financing through FHA/HUD, FNMA and Freddie backed loans, among other products. VIUM has already closed nearly $1 billion of financing to the sector.

June 30, 2021

“To note mod, or not to note mod; that is the question…” Maybe that’s not exactly what Shakespeare wrote in the Tragedy of Hamlet, but not carefully considering whether or not to proceed with a note modification (also known as a “note mod” or interest rate reduction “IRR”) can be a tragedy for a HUD borrower.  As interest rates continue to remain historically low, many borrowers quickly look toward their existing lender to reduce monthly payments of their HUD-insured loan through a note mod, failing to assess the shortfalls of the note modification option and the comparable benefits provided by a HUD 232/223(a)7 refinance (“a7”) or other HUD-related funding alternative. Is resetting your prepayment provisions without re-amortizing your loan or utilizing loan proceeds to fund expenses, all while remaining with your current lender, worth some annual debt service savings?

May 17, 2021

Coming off a record-setting first year with production quickly approaching $1 billion in financing, seniors housing and healthcare lender VIUM Capital doubled-down on its commitment to the sector, announcing that a quartet of prominent industry bankers have joined the firm. Columbus, OH-based Chris Blanda and Brendan Healy, Austin, TX-based Scott Blount, and Boca Raton, FL-based Tony Ruberg have joined VIUM as Senior Managing Directors. The four have a half century of proven production in the industry and previously worked together while closing over $3 billion of seniors housing and healthcare financings.

May 10, 2021

Seniors housing and healthcare lender VIUM Capital celebrated its one year anniversary, posting a remarkable inaugural debut. The firm, led by industry veterans Steve Kennedy and Kass Matt, closed 25 transactions totaling over $750 million in par volume. The closings included funding for 63 separate projects across 17 states from coast to coast, consisting of bridge, FHA/HUD and tax-exempt bond financings.